An Easy Sponge Printing Activity for Preschoolers

A heart shaped sponge printing hearts with pink paint

I mentioned when I shared our poppy art last week that Pip loves to get her hands in paint. But she is also keen to experiment with new painting techniques and tools. So this weekend I set up an easy sponge printing activity which is perfect for preschoolers.

I remembered that we had quite a few sponges in the cleaning cupboard, so thought I’d have a go at cutting one into a heart shape, which I thought would be a good shape for sponge printing. I drew a heart onto the sponge first, then carefully cut around it. I used a small, thin kitchen sponge which worked well. Once your sponge is ready, add a nice blob of paint onto a paper plate (paper plates are great for painting, you can just chuck them away when you’re done), find some paper and get printing.

A heart shaped sponge sat in a paper plate full of pink paint

This was a nice, easy sponge printing activity, which took little time to set up, was well received and produced effective results. Inevitably the sponge ended up being perfect for applying paint to her hand, so after lots of hearts were printed, Pip finished off with her signature hand print!

A preschool aged child printing pink hearts onto paper using a sponge.

To extend your children further, you could cut a range of different shapes and add more paint colours, then they could have a go at creating some repeating patterns with their sponge prints.

If you like to experiment with different ways of applying paint with your children, why not try some pom pom printing, pom poms create great little stamps for preschoolers too.

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