Paper Plate Poppy Art and Craft for Toddlers

This morning, as it’s Remembrance Sunday, I decided very last minute to do some paper plate poppy art.

Although we experiment with a range of tools for applying paint at home, Pip’s ultimate favourite is to get her hands right in it! So I decided we would focus on using handprints and fingerprints to create our paper plate poppies.

The first big poppy was created by doing red hand prints all the way around the plate, then using finger prints to create the black centre. I thought this was quite effective as there was no need to be neat and tidy with the handprints, so Pip could just go for it, which she really enjoyed.

We also created two wreath designs just using finger prints, one with the centre of the plate cut out, one with the plate left whole. Leaving the plate uncut is probably better suited for toddlers or younger children, or if you’re just a bit stuck for time.

Given that this was all a bit last minute, I was quite pleased with our paper plate poppy art today. Sometimes the spontaneous activities end up being the best!

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