Carving My First Pumpkin

A pumpkin with a face carved in the front.

Can you believe I’m approaching forty and this is the first time I’ve carved a pumpkin? I’m not sure how I’ve avoided it for so long, but I guess once you become a parent you have to do these things. Anyway I’ve been feeling pretty pleased with myself today for actually getting it done, as Halloween is less than a week away. Pip loved it too, we put a candle in it this evening so she could see the full effect.

Is having a pumpkin in your window a sign that you’re happy to welcome trick or treaters? I thought that was the case, but I’m not sure it’s common knowledge.

Darren Coleshill
The Ordinary Moments

6 thoughts

  1. We still need to carve ours! Although it will live on our fireplace as we are not wanting to encourage trick or treaters this weekend. I think you did a great job #ordinarymoments


  2. It looks very good! I hope Pip enjoyed it. I carved my first pumpkin last year – at the age of 46! I thought I’d enjoy it, but I didn’t! My daughter did it this year.
    Generally it is an unwritten rule that having a lit pumpkin outside means you welcome trick or treaters, but I think it’s very different for 2020.


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