A Monster Cheese Plant at Bristol Aquarium

We returned to Bristol Aquarium again this week and had one of our best visits yet, as we pretty much had the entire aquarium to ourselves and ended up with front row seats to some of the feeding sessions.

A huge cheese plant growing at Bristol Aquarium

But something else that really caught my attention this week was their gigantic cheese plant. The staff were cutting it back at the time and when I got talking to the lady doing it, she told me that this was in fact a single plant! I couldn’t believe it, I assumed there were multiple plants filling up the space. I knew these things grew to extreme sizes (their official name being Monstera Deliciosa), as we have one taking over our kitchen at home, but this blew my mind. To give you an idea of the scale of it, look at the step ladder to the bottom right of the picture.

The lady then pointed out the fruit growing on the plant. I had no idea that cheese plants could grow fruit. Apparently it takes a long time to ripen though. Every day’s a school day!

The fruit on a cheese plant
Darren Coleshill
The Ordinary Moments

12 thoughts

  1. Wow! The size of that blows my mind. It took me a second to even spot the step ladder!
    It brought back a very vague memory of a plant like that I used to see as a child. I think there must have been some sort of glasshouse near my grandparents’ house and I remember the plant touching the ceiling.

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