Autumn Leaves Activities for Kids

The temperature has certainly dropped over the last couple of weeks and Autumn is in full swing. I love Autumn, there is so much to see and talk about with little ones and plenty of Autumn activities to enjoy with the kids, at home and outdoors.

Pip and I went out to collect leaves a couple of weeks ago. Collecting leaves is a lovely Autumn activity to do with your children, even if you don’t use them for anything. You can talk about the different sizes, shapes, colours and textures as well as the different trees they have fallen from. But you can certainly put your leaves to good use at home too and use them as part of your Autumn activities.

We made a little leaf family with some of our leaves, by adding some googly eyes. Pip loved this and enjoyed playing with these fun characters, giving them all names too.

An Autumn leaf with a face on
Lots of Autumn leaves with googly eyes and faces on

We also did some leaf printing by pressing our leaves into our homemade playdough. The leaves were quite crispy when we did this activity as they had been sat in a bag for a few days, so the combination of squishy playdough and crunchy leaves provided a nice sensory activity.

A large green leaf pressed into homemade playdough
A blob of playdough with a leaf print on

We’ve enjoyed our Autumn leaves activities and because we’ve used natural resources, along with bits and pieces we already had at home, there was no extra cost involved.

Here are some other Autumn leaves activities that you could try with your children at home:

  • Printing with paint – Why not adapt our playdough printing and try printing with paint instead. You could use a paint brush to apply paint to the leaves before printing them on paper.
  • Create a leaf collage
  • Do some colour sorting – sort your leaves into green, yellow, orange, red and brown and find other objects of the same colour for your child to match them to.
  • Make an Autumn leaf wreath
  • Make an Autumn leaf mobile – I saw a lovely one over at The Imagination Tree.
  • Create an animal image – Check out the leaf hedgehogs and lions over at Easy Peasy and Fun.
  • Decorate your leaves – you could add patterns using glittery or matallic pens. Head over to The Artful Parent for a lovely example.
  • Create a leaf crown – measure a strip of card to fit around your child’s head like a crown, then fix the leaves all the way round.

I hope you’ve been having a lovely Autumn and have enjoyed your Autumn activities with your kids, whether outdoors among the trees and leaves, or crafting away at home.

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