Pom Pom Printing Activities for Preschoolers

A pom pom on a clothes peg used for painting a picture

At home we like to experiment with different ways of applying paint and we have recently discovered pom pom printing. Pom pom printing is a great painting activity for preschoolers as pom poms create nice little stamps to get creative with. All you need is some clothes pegs, pom poms and paint.

Clothes pegs, pom poms and paint

Attach a pom pom to a clothes peg and you have your own little pom pom stamp. They are the perfect size for little hands and this creates a great activity for strengthening fine motor skills too.

Our pom pom printing has formed part of our recent Autumn activities and we enjoyed creating an Autumn tree using bright Autumn colours.

Painting a picture with a pom pom on a clothes pegs

Young children could just explore painting with pom poms on a plain piece of paper with different colours and create their own masterpiece, or you could provide them with a shape or outline to fill in. They could even create repeating patterns with their pom poms.

Pom pom printing activities are simple to set up and require few resources – such activities always get my vote!

An Autumn tree created by painting with pom poms

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