Book Review – The Bongles TV Dinner

A children's book called The Bongles TV Dinner

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been enjoying The Bongles TV Dinner by Oscar Van Heek and Dean Queazy.

The Bongles live on a pristine island far away and they reuse, upcycle and repair objects that wash up on their shores. This eco-friendly story is part of a series in which you meet the funny group of monsters called Big Bubba, The Twins, Brainy and Pet Robot.

When I first flicked through the book I was instantly drawn to the quirky and colourful illustrations, reminding me of a style somewhere between Quentin Blake and Dr. Seuss. I was even admiring the font, as it sits really well against the illustrations – the designer in me notices these things! From a glance it looked like it was going to be a funny and entertaining read, I had a strong feeling that we were going to enjoy this book.

The story begins with Big Bubba snoozing away on an island beach, when he is suddenly woken by a big TV that washes up on shore. To his surprise, the TV displays an image of a big, delicious looking pie which causes his tummy to rumble so much that he devours the TV in one gulp. Unable to digest this unusual pie, The Twins appear and begin to tickle Big Bubba until the TV pops out of him. The Bongles then find a channel showing the footie and enjoy watching their favourite team score.

An illustration of a monster holding a TV inside a children's book

When I first read this story to Pip she was instantly engaged, she loved the monster characters and found it very funny when Big Bubba ate the TV. Pip also loves tickling at the moment, so when The Twins tickled the TV out of Big Bubba she was giggling away as I tickled her too! My first impressions were accurate and when I finished the book Pip yelled, “Again, again!”

An illustration of a monster eating a TV with an image of a pie on it

The story is written in rhyme and is a pleasure to read aloud as the words flow really well.

It’s a great book to begin or support conversations about pollution, recycling and looking after our planet. I’m keen to check out other books in the series including The Bongles Pet Washing Machine and The Bongles Monster Takeaway.

You can read more about The Bongles by visitng their website – – where you can also find colouring pages and other activities for your children to enjoy.

I was kindly gifted this book in exchange for this review. I always give my honest opinion.

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