Halloween Crafts: Make a Playdough Pumpkin

Four orange playdough pumpkins

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been enjoying some Halloween crafts at home.

As I recently discovered a great no-cook playdough recipe, we decided to make some orange playdough which is just perfect for Halloween pumpkins.

Playdough provides a great sensory activity for little ones, we love it!

A young girl holding a pumpkin made out of orange playdough

All you need to do to make these cute little playdough pumpkins is roll your playdough into a pumpkin shape, add some googly eyes and then finish off with pipe cleaners or paper straws for the stalks. We also used the end of the straw to create the smiles which worked well.

A toddler playing with Halloween playdough pumpkins

The great thing about the no-cook playdough recipe is that your little ones can help you make it. Pip enjoyed making the playdough as much as she enjoyed making and playing with the playdough pumpkins. This was a fun Halloween activity that kept us busy all morning.

What Halloween crafts have you been enjoying?

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