Discovering Fairy Doors at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

A fairy door on a tree

One of our favourite places to go for a family walk in Bristol is Arnos Vale Cemetery. There is so much to discover among the 45 acres of land, making it a fantastic place for kids to go exploring. If you’re looking for something to do with kids in Bristol that’s free and engaging, then I’d recommend a visit.

The site provides endless outdoor learning opportunities for kids. Some days we like to look at all the interesting monuments and learn more about the city we live in, others we like to explore the various woodland areas and spot different wildlife along the way. Occasionally we stop and have a coffee and a bite to eat in the cafe too. It’s of such scale and variety that you can enjoy a different experience every time you go.

A toddler walking in Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

But most recently we’ve been focusing our attention on the little fairy doors that are dotted throughout the site. There are over 45 to discover and it’s quite a magical experience for young children. Finding one is exciting, but then more and more appear as you work your way through the cemetery.

A fairy door at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

I’ve enjoyed some lovely conversation with Pip, about who might live behind the little doors. She insists that a polar bear is the main resident, although we haven’t seen one yet. A fairy door trail is the perfect activity to ignite young children’s imaginations. Definitely an outdoor activity that could encourage writing too – imagine the stories that could unfold!

A toddler looking at a fairy door at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

Pip also enjoys going into the community garden which features a little pond and lots of plants and bees, it’s based by the entrance on Cemetery Road and we normally visit the garden at the end of our walk. She loves minibeasts, so it’s a great environment to hunt for those.

Aside from all there is to see and learn at Arnos Vale Cemetry, it’s an incredibly tranquil setting, which is one of the reasons why I personally love it there. It’s a relaxing place to go walking and is a little gem when you live in the middle of a bustling city. It’s definitely top of my list for family walks in Bristol. Dogs are welcome too but are required to stay on their leads.

If you’re looking for somewhere different to go walking with the whole family in Bristol, somewhere you can keep the kids busy for a couple of hours, then why not check out the enchanting site of Arnos Vale Cemetery and enjoy all that it has to offer.

If you’re based outside of Bristol then perhaps there is a fairy door trail near you? I believe there are few of them throughout the UK and you never know, you might spot a polar bear or two.

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