Tips to Keep Children Writing Over the Summer Holidays

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With the summer holidays upon us, you might be thinking about how you’re going to keep the kids busy for the next few weeks, while also factoring in all the current social distancing rules and regulations. This summer holidays will no doubt feel a little different to previous years. Well whatever you’re planning, consider how you could incorporate some writing activities into your children’s summer fun.

Children’s writing can often get forgotten about over the summer holidays, while days out and other fun games and activities fill your time. But it’s beneficial for children to continue with some writing activities over the summer, so they can practise and maintain the skills they’ve learnt and refined throughout the school year.

“But I’m done with the home schooling!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry, the plans you’re already making will provide the foundations, then it’s simply a matter of weaving some fun summer holidays writing activities into your existing plans.

I’ve previously shared tips for encouraging children to write at home and a key point is that children need something to write about. Well the summer holidays gives them just that, plenty of fun stuff to scribble down!

So while you’re planning your summer holidays schedule, consider how you can create writing activities for your children that link to your day to day plans. I assure you that the fun you have will be a great motivator for some fantastic writing.

Here are some fun summer holidays writing activities for you to consider and some top tips to keep your children writing happily throughout the summer:

  • Write a summer holidays wish list
  • Create a summer holidays time table
  • Plan each day out together – write itineraries and to-do lists
  • Keep a summer holidays family journal
  • Plan some meals or a picnic together and write shopping lists, menus and recipes
  • Have educational days out, such as trips to museums or the zoo, then write about what they have learned
  • Create a scavenger hunt – children can help to write the list of things to find
  • Explore creative activities that inspire writing, such as book making and card making or other arts and crafts. You can link these to your summer holiday fun too.
  • Write letters or postcards to family and friends
  • Write stories and poems inspired by your summer holiday activities
  • Take pictures of your daily activities and write sentences about each picture
  • Write with your children or encourage siblings to complete a writing activity together
  • Take their writing outside – take notebooks and journals with you when you go outdoors
  • Keep reading. Reading regularly helps children become better writers by exposing them to more vocabulary, text structure, ideas and knowledge

I hope that you and your children enjoy the summer holidays. It’s definitely been a tough few months for many families, so have fun, be safe and keep writing!

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