Sea Creature Craft Ideas for Kids

At home we’ve been reading The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and it has inspired some fun sea creature craft activities.

First we made a paper mosaic fish with shiny foil scales and then we created some paper fish hands, which we used our dot markers and some googly eyes to decorate.

Fish hand print craft activity

Given my love for book making, I obviously had to make this fish shaped book too! This book is really easy to make, just make a zigzag book, then draw and cut around a fish in the middle two panels, ensuring part of the top of the fish remains uncut. Check out my pop-up shark book making project for an additional sea creature book making activity.

A fish shaped book made out of paper

I’ve discovered so many amazing sea creature craft ideas that I thought I’d share some more of my favourites.

A good old paper plate can be tranformed into a range of different sea creatures. Paper plate craft is fun, simple and inexpensive. I love this jelly fish from Entertaining Little Ones.

A jelly fish made from a paper plate

This paper plate turtle by Fireflies and Mud Pies is super cute too, another simple yet effective sea creature craft activity.

If you’re little one likes to paint, how about this celery stamping idea by Crafty Morning. I love a bit of vegetable printing, vegetables are perfect for little hands to grip hold of and they create really interesting shapes. What a fun way to paint a beautiful, bright Rainbow Fish!

A fish painted with sticks of celery

My little one loves to sing Baby Shark at the moment so I’ve been having a look at shark craft ideas. I discovered this brilliant newspaper shark craft activity by I Heart Crafty Things. So simple, but with very striking results.

A newspaper shark craft activity

If you’d like to make lots of different sea creatures you could create an ocean creatures mobile. If you head over to Baker Ross they have a free template that you can use to make one.

I hope you like these sea creature craft ideas as much as I do.

Feel free to share your favourite ocean activities in the comments below.

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