Back to The Farm

A goat at Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol

This week we returned to Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol. I was thrilled to hear that the farm had reopened and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to go back there, it actually felt like a pretty ‘normal’ day.

This farm is wonderful, it’s such an inviting space for families and a super learning environment for children. We were going most weeks before lockdown so it’s something we’ve really, really missed.

The staff at the farm have worked hard to create a safe environment for everyone, including an outdoor dining area. There are plenty of sinks at the farm for hand washing too.

Pip was in her element seeing all the animals again, she had a great time. We particularly enjoyed meeting the goats this week, they are so friendly.

If you live in Bristol and plan to visit Windmill Hill City Farm soon, do leave a donation if you can, as they currently need our help to recover from the impact of the Coronavirus and rely on donations to keep the farm running.

We’ll be heading back again next week.

The Ordinary Moments
Darren Coleshill

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  1. Love the character in the photo, it sounds like it was a welcome day out.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto


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