Book of the Month – July 2020

Children's book - The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

This month we’re enjoying The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

If you’re looking for a book to teach children about sharing, then this one is a great option.

Pip is a bit hit and miss with sharing, as two year olds are at times. But since the Coronavirus lockdown she has spent zero time with other children, so I’m trying to talk about sharing as much as possible, in case she struggles with it once local clubs and toddler groups are open again. This book has been very useful to support our conversations.

The Rainbow Fish is a beautiful, colourful fish who has lots of sparkling silver scales. The other fish think his shiny scales are wonderful, but he refuses to share them. After being quite rude to the other fish, they want nothing to do with him. He is left with no one to play with and feels very lonely. He soon realises that he has been very selfish and decides to start sharing his scales with the other fish. Sharing makes him feel wonderful and happy and he enjoys making friends with all the fish again.

This is a great book to teach children about sharing and being kind, but also provides an opportunity to talk about how others might feel if someone is unkind to them, or if they are left out.

The illustrations are very colourful and Pip loves to look at the shiny foil scales on The Rainbow Fish, which actually sparkle and shimmer in the light.

There are many sea creature arts and crafts activities you could explore that would link nicely to this book. We made these simple fish hands using paper and dot markers.

A fish paper craft activity

We recently made a paper mosaic fish with shiny foil scales too.

Overall this is a beautiful, colourful and shimmering book, with an important message that can generate lots of fun activities for your little ones.

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