Lockdown – The Best or Worst Time for DIY?

A lounge room mid way through being renovated.

Remember when I said a few weeks ago that I wasn’t up for DIY during lockdown? Well I seem to have taken a bit of a U-turn! We’re now in the middle of a pretty big room renovation.

Many people have found the lockdown period an opportunity to tackle a range of home projects, particularly those DIY tasks that have been sitting on the to-do list for a while.

Part of me can appreciate that it’s a good time for DIY, an opportunity to be productive and do some jobs you were previously unable to do. The other part of me wants to ensure that the house is as calm as possible during what is already a pretty stressful time.

We’ve been talking about renovating our lounge for a while. We live in a Victorian house in Bristol, which we bought a few years ago. It needed some work and we’ve been progressing pretty slowly through it.

Lockdown rules are beginning to ease now, but I was still concerned about the impact of tearing one of our main social rooms apart during a time when we’re at home and using the space a lot. Plus we have a two year old to look after…are we nuts?!

But after much debate, we decided it was time to crack on.

I expected it to be incredibly stressful, chaotic and unsettling. It’s been a little of all of those things, I won’t lie – the mess, the dust, the clutter, the decreased amount of available space, the queue we had to sit in when taking rubble to the tip (a clear sign of how many people have been spending time on home improvements recently).

But it’s also given us a new project to focus on. It’s taken my mind away from some of the difficulties we, like others, have been facing. And that has been a good thing. I’d go as far as to say I’m quite enjoying it! It’s not been as bad as I thought it would be anyway. It nice to see the progress and it will feel like such an achievement once it’s done.

The room is a few weeks off being finished, but I’ll share a photo with you once it’s complete. And no doubt Ben and I will share a bottle of fizz to celebrate!

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. Wow, that room is going to be incredible when it’s done. We also live in a Victorian house and I love seeing photos of other people’s traditional houses too! x

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