Book Review – Pete the Cheeky Parakeet

Pete The Cheeky Parakeet, a children's picture book

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been reading a book called Pete the Cheeky Parakeet, by Cheryl Lee-White.

Pete is a bird with a bad attitude who only has eyes for Mum. He is horrible to the rest of the family, he even pecks the poor dog and poops in the children’s hair! But when Mum is sent on a trip away with work Pete soon realises the error of his ways. No one wants to play with him after he has behaved so badly. When he sees the rest of the family having fun together he feels lonely and left out. He decides to change his ways, make amends and start being kind.

Aimed at children aged 3-7, this is a funny story with an important message. Children will learn the importance of kindness, friendship and playing nicely together. There is also an opportunity to talk about a range of feelings and emotions throughout the story – how Pete feels when Mum has left or how the children feel about Pete’s behaviour, for example.

The story is written in rhyme and the language is interesting and descriptive throughout, providing an opportunity to extend children’s vocabulary.

The illustrations are fun and colourful, which younger children will enjoy. Pip is only 2, but she currently loves birds and dogs, so has enjoyed seeing them in the story. She also finds Pete very funny! As she gets older we’ll be able to talk more and more about the characters and what’s happening in the story. There is a lot to get out of this book.There is even a spot the difference picture at the back.

This is a fun book that get lots of giggles and reminds little ones how important it is to be nice to others.

Cheryl Lee-White has written another book called The Book of Silly Rhymes, aimed to bring some laughter to story time and encourage the more reluctant of readers. Cheryl also has a blog called The Simple Mum where she writes about her life with her three daughters.

I was kindly gifted this book in exchange for this review. I always give my honest opinion.

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