Dreaming of Holidays

Monte Solaro, Italy

I’ve been reminiscing a lot about holidays recently. Ben and I have had many amazing trips together and we look forward to making more holiday memories with Pip, when the time allows.

The view from the top of Monte Solaro, Italy

In July 2016, we spent three weeks travelling around Italy. This is the big trip that we reminisce about regularly. It was such an adventure. We visited Milan, Venice, Rome, Sorrento, the Amalfi coast and Naples.

These photos were all taken on the island of Capri, we travelled from Sorrento by boat and spent the day there.

A chair lift on Capri Island, Italy

We took a chair lift to the highest point of the island, Monte Solaro, where the views are just stunning. We enjoyed a cheeky glass of wine, while taking in our surroundings.

A lizard

I adored Italy and hope to take Pip there one day.

Where do you look forward to travelling once things return to normal?

The Ordinary Moments
Darren Coleshill

15 thoughts

  1. Wow those views are incredible. I’ve missed not having a holiday this year.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

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  2. Wow, those photos are stunning! We were due to have a quick trip to Amsterdam this year, just the two of us. It would only have been the second time away without kids in 19 years of parenting! Mainly we’re just looking forward to our annual summer trip to Padstow this year.

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  3. Lovely pics! Must bring back very happy memories. I think we’re all dreaming of ovreseas holidays but I could think of little worse this year. The threat of flying to a destination that could be locked down is enough to put me off!

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  4. We are not going anywhere this year, sadly and I am so dreaming of being able to go away. You took some fabulous photos #mysundayphoto

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