Simple Paper Mosaic Activities for Kids

Small squares of paper for mosaic paper craft

Paper craft activities are perfect for kids. They are cheap, accessible, versatile and fun. There is so much you can do with a piece of paper.

You may have tried a few paper craft activities with your kids already and are wondering what to do with all the little scraps of paper you have left? Well why not try some simple mosaic activities? All you need to do to prepare is cut up the paper into squares, find some glue and card or paper to stick them on and you’re good to go.

Below are some simple mosaic activities for kids, simply draw the outline of an image and let them fill them in with the squares of paper.

A butterfly paper mosaic
A butterfly mosaic is a nice paper craft activity for young children who have an interest in minibeasts.

You can differentiate paper mosaic activities for kids of different ages too. Draw simple shapes and use bigger pieces of paper for younger children and encourage older children to create patterns or symmetry.

A fish paper mosaic
A Rainbow Fish mosaic with some tin foil squares to create shimmering scales

You can use a range of materials in your mosaic activities too – recycle your old magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper, greetings cards – all of these look great in a mosaic.

So be sure to keep hold of all of those little scraps of card and paper, they always come in handy for some fun and simple paper craft.

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