Father’s Day 2020

A toddler in a park in Bristol
Perretts Park, Bristol

Father’s Day is a day of mixed feelings for me. Since the arrival of Pip it’s been a special day, celebrating Ben’s fatherhood journey and the happiness we’ve been blessed with. But it’s also a day to remember those no longer with us, which I know is the case for many people.

Times are very strange indeed at the moment, but I wish all the dads and father figures a happy Father’s Day and send love and positivity to anyone finding it tough, for whatever reason.

We’ve been out for a family walk today, the photo was taken in Perretts Park in Bristol. It’s a bowl shaped park which Pip and Stanley both enjoy running down into. You get super views over Bristol too – if you look really closely in the top right hand corner, you’ll see a smidgen of Brunel’s Suspension Bridge, a faint, barely there line, but definitely there! I love seeing that bridge in the distance, it’s one of the things I love about this wonderful city.

The Ordinary Moments
Darren Coleshill

7 thoughts

  1. What a lovely mosaic. It’s a strange fathers day this year, our eldest son celebrates being a father for the first time, my husband is in Dubai on his own and both our fathers are no longer with us. #mysundayphoto


  2. Wow, now that is what you call a view. I’ve only ever been to Bristol for a 24 hour stay. Must explore it more

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

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  3. What a great photo and a great view. I’m wondering if we went Gromit hunting in that park? We visited so many parts of Bristol we’d never seen before looking for Gromits.

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