Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Toddler running through a field
Victoria Park, Bristol

Pip’s favourite thing to do while we’re out walking is to run off in the opposite direction. I find it funny and annoying in equal measures. The high pitched squeals of laughter are delightful, but after the fifth time of chasing after her, I’m spent. However, it’s probably the best exercise I’m getting at the moment.

The weather’s been a bit wet and gloomy at times this week and it’s felt like my outings have been perfectly timed for the heaviest of downpours. On one occasion I didn’t wear my waterproof coat and it felt like too much effort to go back and get it. I was drenched, but I quite enjoyed it and found it quite refreshing. Pip seems to enjoy the rain too, she loves to go puddle jumping. We also visited the maze in Victoria Park in Bristol, which, for the first time since she’s been walking over it, was filled with rain water. It was nice for her to observe this and experience it in a different way.

A water maze made from bricks in Victoria Park, Bristol
The maze in Victoria Park, Bristol

At home I’ve been super busy making lots of Father’s Day cards so that I could share lots of ideas in time for next Sunday.

The Ordinary Moments
Darren Coleshill

15 thoughts

  1. hehehe! My youngest used to be a runner and always ran in the opposite direction. So cute but so frustrating.
    Jumping in puddles is a lot of fun and it sounds like you’ve had a great time in the rain. x

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  2. That sounds lovely – even getting soaked! My boys are 19 and 16 now, but they used to be a nightmare for running off in opposite directions.

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  3. Looks like a lovely walk. My kids still like to run away but at least they are older so I know they will stop and come back without me chasing them!


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