Simple Father’s Day Card Making Ideas for Kids

If you’re thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas, why not try making a Father’s Day card with your children? Homemade Father’s Day cards are special to receive and fun for children to make.

With Father’s Day creeping up on us, I thought I’d share some simple Father’s Day card making ideas. I’ve included a variety of ideas to suit a range of age groups.

Blazer Card

Blazer Homemade Father's Day Card

This is a simple card for children to make, with striking results. You simply fold a piece of A4 card from both sides into the middle to create an opening blazer. Then you fold the top corners down to create the collar – fold against a ruler to get a nice, straight edge. I found a stripy gift bag in the cupboard (I always keep these things, they always come in handy for home craft projects!) and used it to decorate the front of the blazer. You could draw or paint on the front instead. Finish off with a little pocket and some buttons.

Shirt and Tie Card

Shirt and tie homemade Father's Day Card

We actually made this one as a birthday card a few weeks ago, but I think it’s a great simple Father’s Day card making idea too. To create the collar, simply cut a vertical line down from the centre at the top of the card (2-3 CMs in length), then fold each side back diagonally to create the collar. Finish off by cutting out and decorating a tie to stick below the collar.

Gold Medal Father’s Day Card

Gold Medal Father's Day Card for children to make

Here I’ve used a gold paint dot marker to create the gold medal, then attached a separate paper circle to write a message on. The stripy strap is from the same gift bag that I used for the blazer, but you could use different coloured papers to create a stripe, draw some stripes, or use a different pattern altogether.

Cupcake Case Rosette Father’s Day Card

Cupcake case medal homemade Father's Day card

If you’ve got some spare cupcake cases in the cupboard, why not try this simple rosette card.

Monster Hand Card

Hand print monster face on a homemade Father's Day card

This cute monster hand is a nice idea for a Father’s Day card, just draw around a little hand, cut it out and then add a monster face. You could make a bigger card and add more monsters. I’ve cut around the yellow paper with pattern cutting scissors to create a nice boarder.

Hand Rosette Father’s Day Card

Paper craft Father's Day Card

Lots of hands fixed together to create a rosette is really effective. You can cut one hand out, then use it as a template to create more hands.

Dot Marker Shape Cards

Tree print card for kids to make at home

Dot markers are great for little ones. Try drawing a shape or image and let them fill them in with the dot markers. If you don’t have dot markers then try fingers prints with paint instead.

Homemade card with heart shaped print

I hope you like these homemade father’s day card ideas. I think which ever design you go for, Dad will be thrilled with the results. I always keep everything my little girl makes for me as I find them so special and know I’ll enjoy looking at them for years to come.

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