Picnics, Flowers and Dot Marker Art

Flowers growing in a park

At the start of last week, Pip and I went for a picnic. It was incredibly hot so we didn’t stay in the sun for too long, but it was a lovely thing to do together. We’ve seen lots of beautiful flowers while out walking recently which always make me feel so cheerful.

Child stood in front of flowers

The flowers inspired some colourful arts and crafts at home and we’ve been putting our new dot markers to good use. Pip and I made a birthday card for her Great Nan which was a fun activity. Dot markers are so great for little ones as you can enjoy painting, but without all the mess. They can be quite pricey but I think they’ll last for a while.

Homemade birthday card with a flower painted on
Flower art paintings

We also received some Playfoam as a gift from Pip’s Nan. I hadn’t heard of it before but it’s basically lots of polystyrene balls that stick together and you can stretch it, squish it and make all sorts of creative things with it. It’s a nice sensory activity for little ones and only sticks to itself, which is great as it doesn’t end up all over clothes and furniture. It doesn’t dry out either so you can stick it in a tub and go back to it again and again. The pack contained four separate colours, but it wasn’t long before Pip had mixed them all together!

The Ordinary Moments

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