The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip hip hip hooray! What a glorious week it’s been. Lockdown is definitely far easier to cope with when the sun is shining upon us.

Victoria Park in Bristol
Victoria Park, Bristol

Overall it’s been an enjoyable week. We’ve been to visit our friends, the squirrels, every morning. I managed to get some nice photos and at one point we counted seven of them around us. I’ve been taking in the lovely, sunny views while out and about, while feeling lucky to be able to do so. I can find it difficult to switch off and often end up brainstorming various topics in my head while pushing the buggy along. But I’ve been making a point of stopping and taking in my surroundings a bit more, do you ever do that? It’s good for the mind.

A squirrel in a tree
“Can I have some more of those nuts?”

I’ve noticed our outings influencing Pip’s language development. We’ve been revisiting the same spots most days and she’s been pointing out the things she’s become familiar with. I love it when she comes out with new words. This week she’s been responding to me with an upbeat “okay Mummy”, which I’ve found to be way cuter than the firm “NO!” phase. I find it quite entertaining when she suddenly comes out with quite a random word too, “Marmite” has been another recent addition to her vocabulary.

At home Pip’s been enjoying water play in the garden. We’ve been filling up the paddling pool and sand tray with bubbly water. She’s very content moving water around the garden in a range of different pots. I also gave her some silicone cupcake cases and she enjoyed making some “bubble cakes.” Indoors she’s been interested in Duplo construction, bead threading and an animal matching game I discovered at the back of the cupboard. The latter was one of a few Christmas gifts I stashed away for a rainy day, or as it turns out, a lockdown day. I’ll definitely be doing that again this Christmas, you never know when you might need these things!

Animal matching activity
Matching up the animals

We also made Daddy a birthday card, which we had to do as quickly as possible through fear of him walking into the room at any point! I’m quite pleased with the results though. Pip did a super job of mark making on the tie and I did all the cutting. I’ll be sharing some card making ideas on my blog very soon, as Father’s Day is approaching, so I’m looking forward to creating those. We’ve just had a delivery of dot markers too, so I imagine they will feature at some point.

Homemade birthday card for Dad
Daddy’s birthday card.

And as for this weekend, we’re enjoying spending time as a family and dining out in the garden. We don’t tend to eat dinner together in the week, as Pip eats earlier and Ben tends to work quite late. So I think it’s important that we enjoy meals together at the weekend and even better if it’s outside in this beautiful weather.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. What a gorgeous collection of photos.

    The sunshine has certainly made lockdown easier.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto ❤️

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