Are We Nearly There Yet?

Reflecting on the past few weeks, life in lockdown really has been a mixed bag.

This week has been positive. I’ve ticked a few things off my to-do list and we’ve had some enjoyable walks in the sunshine. A favourite moment was feeding squirrels in the woods, my daughter was in her element! Although they don’t tend to hang around long, especially when we’re accompanied by Stanley, our Miniature Schnauzer.

Stanley’s eyes glued to the squirrel.

I found the beginning of lockdown incredibly tough. I was made redundant just before lockdown kicked in and my partner was also out of work at the time. It felt like everything came crashing down at once and it seemed to keeping coming.

But things have improved and we’re trying to retain some perspective. Ben found a job, which was a huge relief and we’re incredibly grateful for it. I’m happy to have the chance to be a full time mum for a while and spend more quality time with my daughter. It feels a little tedious for me at times, I’ll be honest, I’m craving more variety in the day-to-day, but overall we are OK and in such times we are thankful for that.

As the weeks have gone on, we’ve settled into a new routine. That’s been the key for me, as I think my initial struggle was linked to losing the one that I knew. Each day now involves a walk, some indoor activities and time in the garden, if the weather’s ok. We’ve had some really lovely moments.

Breaking the day up into small chunks has helped me to cope while in lockdown with a two year old. We miss our weekly clubs, our farm visits and family of course, but we look forward to enjoying all those things again, when it’s possible. For now, there’s always the squirrels!

Sometime’s I worry that I’m not using the time that I have productively. There’s so much DIY to do that we’re constantly putting off. Now’s the perfect time to tackle all that right? Perhaps. But DIY is the last thing I feel like doing right now. I think we have to stop putting pressure on ourselves at this time too, whatever helps you to cope, whatever makes you happy – roll with it. The other stuff can wait.

There are times when I feel fine with lockdown. There are others when I feel like that child in the back seat of the car, saying “are we nearly there yet?” on a loop.

The Ordinary Moments

5 thoughts

  1. It’s definitely a mixed bag for us. I focus on sharing the positives on social media but it’s so hard not seeing family and friends and I feel so sad about all the time we’re missing at the moment. usually we’d be on days out, taking photos and making memories. It’s just… sad x

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    1. The missed time together is very sad. I feel bad for grandparents, as little ones change so much every day and they miss them terribly. But it is important to focus on the positives and look forward to making more memories soon. x

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