3 Simple Book Making Activities for Young Children

A simple book making activity for children
The Zigzag Book – a simple and fun book making activity

Book making is a fun, creative activity to do with children, but it is also a great way to inspire writing. Children take pride in their writing when it’s inside a book they’ve carefully made themselves.

I’m going to share three book making ideas with you, which are all simple and only require paper and scissors.

1. The Zigzag Book

This is the simplest book to make. You need one piece of A4 paper and it’s just a matter of folding a few times to create the book.

papercraft for kids
  1. Fold your paper until you have 8 equal panels.
children's paper craft activity

2. When Landscape, fold down in half.

Book making activity

3. Zigzag to make the book.

You can easily adapt the zigzag book to make it more interesting, by cutting different shapes into the pages, for example.

2. The Little Page Turner

Children love this one, as they can turn the pages like a normal book. It’s a nice one to progress on to after making the zigzag book.

  1. Fold the paper until you have 8 equal panels.

2. Fold in half from landscape, left to right, Then cut from the folded edge into the centre.

3. Open out, then fold down in half while landscape, with the cut at the top.

4. Push the cut section together to create a cross shape.

5. Fold all pages round to face the same direction.

6. Fold into a little page turning book.

3. The Pop-up House Book

This is a lovely book to write about home, family or favourite things. Make sure that you fold the house out, the opposite way to the book, so that it pops out when opened.

  1. Fold the paper until you have 4 equal panels.

2. Fold in half vertically from left to right. Draw half the house in the bottom panel.

3. Cut along the diagonal roof line, then push the house back to create a fold.

4. Draw the door, then cut along the two horizontal lines.

5. Cut the doors down the middle so they open.

6. Illustrate your house, leaving some space for writing.

Book making is one of many paper craft activities that is simple, fun and inexpensive.

I hope you’ll give one of these activities a go, if so – happy book making!

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