Choose ‘I Can’ and Overcome Self-Doubt

Believe in yourself

Motherhood has brought many pairs of conflicting emotions into my life – joy and sadness, hope and fear, satisfaction and frustration, to name a few. It’s natural of course and part of navigating your way on the emotional roller coaster (so they tell me anyway).

The biggest battle I have is trying to overcome the self-doubt. Insecurity rears it’s ugly head a lot, and “I can” often loses out to “I can’t.”

When I reflect on my life, I recognise that lack of confidence has held me back many times, in past jobs and social situations for example. I have little time for regret, but I’m keen to learn and grow as a person and to stop letting fear get the better of me, especially now I have a child. But it can be particularly easy to doubt yourself as a parent, it’s a sensitive topic, there is no one way of doing things and you can’t avoid the difference of opinion. But what you can do is trust you know what is right for your own family. You can choose to have faith in your own abilities.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

I was pondering this very topic at 4 o’clock this morning, after I’d been up settling my little girl. How do we choose “I can” over “I can’t”? How do we opt for self-belief over self-doubt? Comparing the two and considering their potential outcomes could be a start. A poem started to form in my head (this often happens to me at around 4am). I liked it and scribbled it down.

I think we all need a little positive thinking right now, so jog on self-doubt, “I can” is back in town.

Here is my poem.

Choose “I Can”

“I can’t” is not your friend.

“I can’t” is boring and disinterested.

“I can’t” is missed opportunities.

“I can’t” is disappointing.

“I can’t” is sad and lonely.

“I can’t” is disloyal.

“I can’t” is fear.

Choose “I can”.

“I can” is fun.

“I can” is helpful and supportive.

“I can” is exciting and brave.

“I can” believes and achieves.

“I can” is rewarding.

“I can” is being the best you.

“I can” is living a happy life.

I can.

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